Approach: Tarot as Opportunity

Like many modern readers, I see Tarot not as a divination tool, but instead as a mirror.

Tarot is a lens that can be used to reframe and refocus our perception and attention in our own lives.

The magic is in the space the Tarot creates for self-perception and reflection. Everything you need to know is already there within you: the cards can be an opportunity to bring it to the surface.

If the 78 cards hold images that reach toward encompassing the archetypes and moments in the human experience of life, then engaging with the cards is all about finding the echoes of those moments for you personally. I take my part of the interpretation with an attitude of curiosity, loving care, and attention and hope to provide you an opportunity for reflection. But perhaps the best part of working with the cards is the agency it hands back to you at the end. You are the one who holds the final interpretation and you feel what resonates with you. The cards can help illuminate the complexities, but you are in charge of what you do next.


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