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The best questions are ones that leave space for meaningful answers. Just as you wouldn’t ask your oven to chart the fastest commute to your workplace, asking the cards when something will happen or who is your soulmate is equally absurd in my opinion – the cards provide an opportunity to reflect on what you already have at hand. 

This page includes sentence starters, example questions, and some links to websites that can help you ask a question that gets to the heart of what you want to know.

Sentence Frames



Complete the thought to create a question that is unique and meaningful to you.

What do I need to look at in…[area of life/situation/etc.]

What inner work do I need to do in order to…

What may stand in the way of….

What resources are available to me to…

What can I do to attract…

What signs might I see that…

What do I need to do now to…


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What do I need to know/ change right now about myself or this situation?

What is the biggest obstacle that stands in my way right now?

What lesson do I need to learn to overcome my challenges?

What is the biggest influence on my life right now?

What are my greatest strengths or weaknesses?

What should I be focusing on right now?



How can I attract a partner that will align with my highest self?

What stands in the way of me finding love?

How can I strengthen the relationship between me and my partner?

How can I best overcome this issue in my relationship?

What connects us in this relationship?




What career or line of work can I go that will be the most fulfilling?

What blocks me from achieving my full potential?

When is the right time to make a career change?

What actions can I take right now that will help me further my career?

How can I better communicate with my current employer?

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