I’m Heather:

teacher, mother, lover, divine essence.
Thinker, dreamer, worrier, caretaker, visionary, and tarot reader.

I draw on years of personally-driven research and practice to facilitate readings that are informed, compassionate, intuitive, and hold space for your questions, your moments of insight, and true human experience and connection.

This is meaning-making. This is magic.

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wands energy

What energy of which suit do I need to embrace right now? Oh yeah, all of it. I hold on to my earth-centered grounding. I draw on the well of emotional waters. I continue to pierce through the veil with swiftness of mind. But I need some fire right now, some deep rumbling firey wands energy. 


8 of wands

Illustrating a card I pulled – one that has been stalking me lately – the eight of wands with blackout poetry and other frills.

is it time
without human hurtling
a clear sense of a river
life’s currents
make the choice appear
take risk!
am I confronting?
if parts of your life begin
summon power
and propel toward your target.

blackout poem.

5 of cups

Personality as self portrait – what is a part of my personality that not many people get to see? 

I pulled the 5 of cups for this prompt – and it’s true that I definitely don’t show the parts of me that grieve and feel loss.  I’m always looking around to check if my reaction is appropriate, so even in the experience of sadness there’s a kind of unhelpful doubling where I see myself mourning, without any actual self-awareness.

I’m focused on the boject of grief directly, or my own reaction/display – instead of what is going on inside.  This portrait shows this doubling, and the layer of shadow I dress up in pastels for presentation.

digital portrait.

king of swords

I pulled this card and struggled to find the music that went with it – when the person I always think of for this card picked “Solid Air” by John Martyn, not knowing that swords was the suit of air, it was too good not to jump on. A portrait of a king on post it, a billowing gust momentarily captured.

mixed media portrait.

the hermit

Where do I feel safe, calm, peaceful? 

In The Hermit, the darkness is quieted by an inner light. The Hermit is not a scruffy recluse, banished by society – it pictures the practice of finding stillness and inspiration by reflecting on the self. By releasing the bonds of expectation and graces, and instead embracing the wholeness found when we step off the stage of relationship, the Hermit uncovers the truth already folded within. Here is my space, one of playfulness, joy, beauty, pleasure, and reverence. I can cultivate these Hermit moments in this curated space, full of warmth of intention.

hermit tarot card interpretation.

the vision

What’s missing from the major arcana?

It has always seemed to me like the earthly, egoic steps of the first line (the Magician to the Chariot) are so tight in their progression – I feel like I can really understand the movement from each card to the next because there’s very little space between. Strength through to Temperance, the more transformational/interpersonal line, seems to stretch a little more, but as we head into the final line I feel like things really spiral into these big ideas, which of course makes sense as these are the more cosmic, universal and transcendent cards.

I’ve always been unnerved by the intensely personal feelings of fear, pain, and uncertainty the Tower brings up for me being followed up so blithely by the Star.

So I have proposed “The Vision” as a midway point – the taking stock of what has changed, what’s been ravaged, what space there is in the wake of revolution. I know the Star is a bit of that light at the end of the tunnel, but I feel like that bypasses part of the experience. The integration. So here this card points for the last time in the majors to our embodied and supervenient ability to see – with a kind of esoteric or universal vision – both what has transpired and the path ahead. This is a kind of clarity, maybe stepping out of time, that allows something crucial about the self to continue through the final cosmic stages of the major arcana.

original tarot card.



The power of tarot to spark insight, creation, and a change of perspective is undeniable. I would be happy to share this magic with you via an in-person or virtual reading, designed specifically for you! Reach out and let’s see what we can find, make, and manifest together.


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